When they were girls Bernice and Fontayne were as close as sisters. Time and trouble have taken their toll and 20 years later they meet again–when one is the parole officer for the other.  Bernice needs help from the dark side and calls on Fontayne, who is just out of prison and fighting to stay clean.  Bernice’s son Rodney is missing and may be found on the Mexican border in hiding or in the hands of smugglers.  The friends enlist “The Terminator” Freddy Suárez, a disgraced ex-LAPD detective suffering from macular degeneration, to help them find the boy before it’s too late.

How far would you go for an old friend?

Officially Announced:

GO FOR SISTERS is proud to be premiering at the SXSW Film Festival

on March 11, 2013.


Freddy Suárez        Edward James Olmos
Bernice                  LisaGay Hamilton
Fontayne               Yolonda Ross

Jorge Menocal        Hector Elizondo
Wiley                     Harold Perrineau
Vernell                   Isaiah Washington
Chula                     Vanessa Martínez
Juan Calles             Jesse Borrego

Zeidy                     Martha Higareda
Katrina                   Tessa Rose Ferrer
Cindy                     Hillary Barraford
Dez                        Mahershala Ali
Vic                         Michael Piznarski
Margie                    Mary Portser
Detective Muel        Don Harvey
Dixon                     Brent Jennings
AA Leader               Michael Laskin
Rhonda                   Rita Taggart
Kid                         Jonathan Castellanos
Pong                       Thai Phuong
Ynez                       Evelina Fernández
Morales                   Sal López
Tenoch                   Manny Montana
Immigration Officer Andy Zuno
Mother Han             Elizabeth Sung
Mota                       Alejandro Cárdenas
Rufo                       Richard Coca
Camarillo                Omar Leyva
Ochoa                     Dominic Colón
Navajas                   Jacob Vargas
Ramiro Chow           Javier Calderón
La Mojada                Jessica Pimentel
Néstor                     César Alejandro
Rodney                    McKinley Belcher III

Written, Directed, and Edited by John Sayles
Produced by                      Edward James Olmos
                                        Alejandro Springall
                                        Peter Bobrow
Directory of Photography    Kat Westergaard
Production Designer           Mara Spear
Original Score                    Mason Daring
Costume Designer              Dana Rebecca Woods
Casting                             Cindy Tolan

Production Companies        Anarchists’ Convention
                                        Olmos Productions Inc.
                                        Go For Films Inc.

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Official Stills (© John Castillo and © Kevin J. Long)